Undergraduate Global Assessment Test

Note to test takers: All Scarborough College students complete this short test at the beginning of their studies and then again upon graduating. The results help us measure the effectiveness of our curriculum. This test does not impact student grade point average.

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Are you a new student this semester or a student who is graduating this semester?

1. The trial of Socrates is the setting for which text?

2. The Enlightenment rejection of Aristotelian “science” is most evident in:

3. “The Reformation” refers to:

4. Which two philosophers are largely responsible for pragmatism’s influence in modern culture?

5. What was the main catalyst of World War One?

6. Which of these texts most influenced the framers of the United States constitution?

7. Which of the following allegories or myths is not discussed in Plato’s Republic?

8. According to the Nicene creed, the Trinitarian formula is:

9. Colossians is most frequently paired with what other letter in terms of style and content?

10. Which of the following is an example of special revelation?

11. Which of the following New Testament writers were Jesus’ brothers?

12. Which theologian famously articulated “five ways” of knowing that God exists?

13. __________ says Scripture is “accurate in all its truth claims”:

14. Every prophetic book in the Old Testament begins with:

15. Sophistry is:

16. A “sound” argument features:

17. Statements given in support of another statement are called:

18. “Critical thinking” basically means:

19. Tolerance means:

20. “The last four red-heads I’ve met have been Christians, so I guess all red-heads are Christians” is an example of:

21. Rhetoric is:

22. Academic writing should feature:

23.One’s rhetorical context includes:

24. Analytic writing focuses on:

25. The primary purpose of citations in academic writing is to:

26. Research begins with: