Please take a moment and complete the evaluation instrument below. It will help me greatly as I plan future courses and hopefully make what I do more beneficial for people who want to follow our Lord more closely.

1. What is your gender?

4. Where did you do the study?

5. What format was used with the study?

6. What is your fear factor in telling others about Bible truths and Jesus?

7. How well do you feel you tell Bible stories or truths as you go about your day?

8. What was your confidence level of telling a biblical story or truth before the study?

In this section rank how each aspect of the Tell It Well Series impacted you to do and to teach a biblical story or truth.

    No impact Small impact Moderate impact Transformational Not applicable
9a. Listening to the biblical narrative in story  
9b. Listening to the biblical lesson about the passage  
9c. Working the workbook overall  
9d. Workbook testimonies of people that live to do and to teach as Jesus did  
9e. Workbook questions related to the people, place, plot, parallels, priotities, practice and prayer  
9f. Workbook hints on how to tell others well  
10.After completing the study on Tell It Well, rank your confidence level

11. Rate the Tell It Well Series for its life changing impact on you.

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